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Now available in my Redbubble store:

Battle Royale fans (and if you’re a Hunger Games fan, you should check out Battle Royale and become a fan of that, too) may enjoy this base logo or their very own Team Kiriyama or Team Kawada tee shirts, hoodies, or iPhone/iPod covers!

Logo / Kiriyama / Kawada

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Up for voting on

Serenity Express / Dark Passenger / Gryffindor

Vote ‘em up and pass this on if you want to see them available for $13! :D

While you’re there, check out what great new design is up for a limited purchase!

Also, for your nerdly supplies, including shirts, hoodies, iPhone/iPod covers, come check out my Redbubble store!

Thanks, everyone! (Damn, I love exclamation marks!!!)

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